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July 30, 2014

I think I'm on the mend

But it was a rough five days.   No queasiness today, still a nagging headache, I can use my right leg (rather painfully but it works) on the brake pedal of the car, and my tailbone only protests when I shift position in bed.  So all in all...I'm feeling pretty lucky to have dodged the potential for serious head injury if not for my Tipperary Sportage helmet.  I'd have not walked away from that one, and probably would have fractured my skull and be dead or worse...vegetative somewhere.   My stomach flips every time I think about it.  But as soon as the pain is gone from my neck and spine, I will start working with the spotted one, and see if we can't fix the problem.  Don't expect I'll have the nerve to kick it into hand gallop for a good long while.  Journey basically did the thing that Phebes always did, and a big reason that I start riding Phebes, then don't stick with it.  Phebes slung me on the ground a few too many times.   Journey has never been terribly prone to those 180 roll-backs.  Normally she would hesitate, or stop, or give me some signal that she is bothered, and I can assess the situation, and ease her this case we were at a flat out digging in sprint, I reined her to the right (which is when she registered the big round bale) and that was all she wrote. 

God willing, my sorry butt will get to ride again in a week or so.   I'm waiting on a replacement helmet from Tipperary, as I wouldn't trust mine in another fall of that magnitude to distribute the shock of the impact.  My guess is the foam is quite compressed.

I hope you never fall and that you always wear your helmet.


  1. Every ride! I'm so glad you were wearing yours.

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  3. Glad you are ok! Thank goodness for helmets.. That must have been terrifying! Don't let this discourage you! You have come so far with Journey..

  4. Jonna, I plan to continue on...but may re-assess the necessity of sprints *lol* This was my third trip off of Journey, and my worst fall ever. I'm relatively sure that once things have quit hurting I can climb back on and proceed. I just hope she hasn't remembered this thing as OH ! I THROW OFF MY HUMAN GO TO THE BARN AND GET A LONG VACATION! In that case I'm gonna be screwed. But thinking positive towards the future...three more 50's and then the Old Dominion. A two year or there about goal to get there. Just want to get it done before I'm sixty or my health starts getting iffy from old age. One never knows..what life is going to throw you. But we will try.