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July 14, 2014

Is it Endurance or is it STUPID?

You have heard those crazy stories of someone who completed an endurance ride after they...fill in blank (here).

Let's play a game of is it Endurance or is it Stupid.

I finished the ride with a broken bone.   Uh....................

I was hallucinating.

I rode until I puked, then finished the two more loops.

My legs were bleeding, but guess what?  Well......ummmmmmm

Lightening was striking and trees were crashing around my horse. Oh dear God!

The river was flooded but we crossed it anyway.

I'd have finished but they life flighted me out of the canyon.

I have congestive heart failure, so I'm riding a 50.

Helmets are for sissy riders.  

I'm riding in 98 degree weather with one bottle of water. I might just know someone that was nearly that stupid...but the font won't go smaller.

Ummmm.......endurance or stupid?  I may have changed my mind.   I really don't want to talk about any of this.

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