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April 5, 2014

Sometimes less is more

We had a very busy day today.  Have to drive 25 miles to get groceries, another stop to buy feed, LSEGH was cutting firewood as we were down to stuff that really wasn't cured nor safe to burn, so we ventured over the hill with the tractor and found dead wood that had been down for awhile and cut enough to fill the outdoor and indoor wood boxes, by the time we got done with that it was late afternoon, and looked like my mileage ride got lost in the shuffle.  We decided if we skip dinner, I'd have time for at least some kind of ride.  Decided to not leave the place.  We had nearly four inches of rain, and every hoof fall on the trail would sink about the same amount of inches or worse.  Our front lot drains fairly well, so I just worked on softening her face and getting a nice bend in her neck as we made serpentines through the landscape timbers thrown up there.   Journey has this thing she does, that really ticks me off (which is counter productive to be sure)...when we ride at home and come to a fork in the trail where I want to go one way, and she wants to go the other (always to the left towards home) when I make contact on the right she braces her neck, and LEFT WE GO, whereby I take the left rein and she finds herself right back where she started.  It is one particular spot on the trail, but she knew this little trick already when I got her, and though I've worked out a ton of stuff with her, she will brace that neck every time we get to that split, and dart to the left, nose in the air like a giraffe, at least until I get the left rein, and whip her back around.  She is very soft on her left (lots of practice I guess) and not on her right.   I have also noticed that if we ride out on a trail, she will do great, but on the way back, seeing it from her other eye (?) she is much more spooky about things she passed only an hour before going the other direction.  Again, things on the right.  So is she a left brain horse? I'm spending time bending to the right, getting her to flex to the right on as light of contact as possible, using my leg more, and practicing her neck reining.  Worked her across poles too.  Our session was just over a half hour but she got more out of that mentally than if I'd just shuttled her on down the muddy trail, and the neighbors will like me better not riding over there when it is that soupy.  With a bit of luck maybe I'll actually get that ride in tomorrow.

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