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April 6, 2014

Muddy Old Hills

Trails are still slick and sloppy.  We spent a bit over two hours climbing hills today, about 3.5 up and the same sliding back down.  If her breathing was any indication it was work, as it seemed hard for her.    I'm just getting frustrated with trying to balance work, weather, and ride time.  It ain't workin'!    Saddled Phebes up again today too, and I'd have to give her a "C" if she gave a hoot about her grade.   If feels so strange to climb aboard her, she is just this great big TANK of a horse, feel like I should be jousting.  Journey is like the little mini that put-puts along.   I feel safer in the mini.     Back to work again tomorrow.  The weekends never ever last long enough.

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