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April 5, 2014

Poor Little Spotted Wonder

Now she has spring shedding induced folliculitis.  She had it last Fall, and it wound up escalating into a staph infection, spreading to head, neck, rump, and belly.   Right now we have one solitary nasty oozing bump on her upper front leg.  I've squeezed all the crap out of it, hot compressed it, scrubbed with antimicrobial shampoo, let steep for 10 minutes, rinsed, applied betadine lightly, and packed with a neem poltice.  So now I don't have a coughing horse, I have an ooozing one.    I curried the heck out of her yesterday trying to get off as much of the loose hair as possible, brushed all the dirt I could off of her (she was helpful by rolling in the mud after nearly four inches of rain).

In the words of the wicked one, "what a world, what a world"!

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