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April 27, 2014

Back to slow work

Had a slow come-back to work today with Lida on Doc, Rita on Tex, and myself on Journey bringing up the rear most of the day.   I'd guess about nine miles, at the walk for the 16 handers, and the walk trot for Journey who walks, then trots to catch up.  She didn't want to drink on trail today even though she had a half-shot of electrolyte.  She was eating any piece of grass she could find.  The park had shut the water off at day parking which kind of bit, as I like to have a bucket waiting for her at the trailer.  Will see how her appetite seems tonight.   If it is off....well-----I just don't know exactly how to proceed going forward.  But I'm going to worry about that tomorrow.  It was a nice day, wild flowers blooming, the sound of horses, the rhythm of the trail,  the spotted one, and I got to see Lida again, whom it had been way to long!

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