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April 28, 2014

Release Breath

Journey ate all her chow in record time last evening and seems none the worse for wear.   I estimated 9 miles based on ride time yesterday.  Pretty much walk a minute, jog catch up, walk a minute, jog catch up.  It was the warmest day we've had yet this spring.   So cautiously once the series of Thunderstorms passes through this week (tornado watches and lightening like crazy this morning) all I have to worry about is a tye-up.   Keeping her chow paired down in the meantime, and will hope for the best.

The new blog header was taken yesterday by Lida Pinkham during our ride entering the State Route 50 highway tunnel heading north-ish.  I modify the photo into an oil painting, crop, bevel the edges, and add text.  Thank you Lida!

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  1. Love the new picture! Playing with editing stuff is fun!