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April 26, 2014


Everything I worked on with Phebes day before yesterday stuck.  We worked from fence post to opposite fence post bending away from the fence with a nice curve to her neck and a release of her hind quarter, then stepping off the opposite direction.  Her head was relaxed and she was making happy horse sounds.  I discovered today her issue and resentment when transitioning to the trot.  Don't squeeze.  Instead I shifted my body slightly forward and lifted the reins...she stepped off to the trot in both directions, ears tipped forward, calm and stepping out.  She gave me exactly what I asked for, so we ended our session there.  Sometimes they try to tell us  something but we just don't get it.

My plan was to take her to the park tomorrow, but I feel that may be counter intuitive to what I'm trying to accomplish.  Too much too soon.  Have set some goals I hope to achieve first.

I want that long relaxed walk of today, to transfer into a long relaxed trot next, then later large collected circles at the canter on the correct lead.   If Journey poops out (see below) at least I have something to do.

When I try to cut Journey's Tri-hist back to once a day, she starts hacking intermittently again.  I'm beginning to have doubts of anything performance-wise out of her.   She also has another break out of folliculitis, just one infected little abscess under her jaw.   So we've been left leg, right leg, and now center jaw.
  I wish I could afford to have her scoped.  Her vet bill this month was around $700.  The cough is just strange.  The vet said her lungs sound fine, completely unobstructed.  It is her nasal/throat that sounds all snarfle-ly.   It really doesn't matter too much what she eats, it makes her cough.  Wet, dry, green,  HAAAAAAAAAAck!  Then she's okay for an hour, or two, or half a day, or two days, then back at it again.  But the tri-hist does help.  *sigh*  I can't think about it anymore.

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