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March 16, 2014

Pouch to Saddlebag

These orange pouches were some toss-aways  that were gathering dust in a junk closet because nobody wanted them...but they seemed to useful to trash.    I volunteered to take possession of them since they are orange to see if I could do something with them.  One of them I cut off a third of the bottom and restitched.  The other two were left as is and attached by fabric tabs to one another.  Thus, making a small center pouch, and two rectangular side pouches.  The side pouches will hold a clean boot, and a water bottle.  The center pouch a ride card, snack, and emergency wire nippers, vet wrap.

The left side is exactly like the right side, I just had it sitting funny on the back of the chair.  I'll use velcro straps to attach firmly to pommel, and clips on the bigger pouches to attach to saddle.  We should pretty much nearly glow in the dark at this point with orange reins, breast collar, boots, and the new home-made pommel pack.

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