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March 17, 2014

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Checked out the stats today for Endurance Granny:  167,262 page views, with monthly traffic at about 5400 page views (which do not include my own).  My goal for this blog has always been to help someone else reach their goals (mostly by not repeating my mistakes) through education.  I've really enjoyed The Other Side of the Fence cartoons featuring Journey and Phebes, which has been published in The Endurance News and on Tevis' Face book page, and stolen for use as personal avatars (which is mostly okay with me ☺).  Over the past few months I've been writing, working, cartooning, and riding.   The grass is slowly greening and the barn is almost empty of hay...but life is good and I am happy.  Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day and don't forget your green!

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