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March 15, 2014

Cartoon: The Other Side of the Fence

We are happily working the bugs out of our conditioning program.  No more fights over direction, maybe a little magnetic ....pull....towards home, but accepting me as the driver.   We are still just working hard at slow hill climbs, and building a sane canter on the flat.  More interested in the mechanics of getting her issues smoothed out than the overall mileage.  We've been running completely bare since the ground is soft and I don't look to start booting until things dry out, and we are trotting on pavement again.  Our timing chart is starting to look better. The peaks are the flats and the dips are the hill climbs.  Big improvement over a couple of weeks ago.  She's already beginning to "tuck up" and look lean, so I'll be upping the groceries.   We are six weeks out from the first ride of the year.  Undecided it we will attempt another 50 (would like too), but we could still get snow and ice up until April so not sure I can get her distance stretched out quick enough.  I'll have to speak to someone who does the winter off, and back to endurance thing to see how quickly they are able to turn around the condition thing.  If I feel she isn't there by then, we'll sign up for the LD and use it as our training for a 50 next time out.

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