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February 22, 2014

To Soak or Not to Soak

Journey is very sensitive to dust in her hay.   It is almost impossible to get completely dust free hay.  I puff it up, I shake it, if it is leafy I mist it with a sprayer, but I'm wondering if I should soak it?  Then if I do, she will not be able to eat with her herd, and that would create all kinds of logistical problems, and Journey is not immune to walking through a fence if she wants to be with her buddies.    We have had a rather extended winter weather season here, and another polar vortex is supposed to freeze us up again by next week.  More dry hay, more delay in moist pasture grasses.   I have her on a natural cough remedy, which is helping a lot.  I'm sure when we go to some rides this summer I'll have to wet the hay to avoid the coughing misery she had at Spook Run. 

An article on soaking hay here.


  1. Have you heard of steaming hay instead of soaking? Very little nutrients lost that way. If you're interested, Horse and Man dot com did a post on a DIY hay steamer for around $50 using a big Rubbermaid bin, some pvc pipes, and a hand-held steamer (the kind you'd use to sterilize a bathroom). Hopefully the post will come up when you do a search, If not, I'm sure she'd email it to you!