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February 22, 2014

The Missing Viper

Late last summer I bought Journey brand spanking new hind Renegade Vipers.

So pretty!

I slapped those babies on and went for a test ride.  Lost the boot the first ride out.  Must have ridden that route where I thought it came off a dozen or more times, hiked it a few so I could check in the brush.  No boot.

Today was Journey's first ride since November (she was a pistol but that is another story).  Low and behold...right in the middle of the trail where I thought I'd lost it was the orange boot.  It seems to have been used as a chewie toy by a coyote.  Pastern strap gone, captivator shot, but I do believe I can purchase parts and fix the boot, which beats buying an entire new boot.

 See all that excess toe strap?  That is exactly why the boot came off.  User error.That boot should have the cables shortened up so I have only a little excess strap when everything is snugged down.

 Welcome home little have been missed ♥

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