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January 7, 2014

Is Change Always Bad?

I'll admit I still visit the distance forums, though I don't get worked up much anymore.  If you have been following the FEI/International AERC affiliation thing at all, you can hear the whispers in the wind...change is coming, change is coming.    If there is one thing about AERC that stands out to me is that it is an amateur sport, and should remain an amateur sport.  That is why prizes are usually measured in Small-Medium-and Large by way of a t-shirt, mug, bandana, or some other trinket that may be a memento but not drive us to lose our senses in regards to the welfare of the horse.   Please don't misunderstand that I have it out in any way for FEI or the International component of endurance in general.  I've cheered on many of the USA riders in the sport, but I won't kid you an ounce that I think what happens to horses from certain countries is appalling.  When big money enters the equation, you can bet that winning becomes more paramount than the well-being of the horse.  Drugging, death, hazing, fractures, you name it.  I can't fathom and do not believe that the bulk of AERC riders condone any of that, nor do they perhaps care to be painted by that ugly brush.  "If you go to rubbin' up against a skunk, pretty soon you smell like a skunk."

There is a motion being made to the BOD.  Find out about it.  The gist of it is on AERC's facebook page, and is being bantered about on Ridecamp and the member's forum. Here's a quote by Randy Eiland:


"Bill Wilson, AERC Hall of Fame Member, called me last night to say he supports The Motion 100%. He joins fellow AERC Hall of Fame Members Earle Baxter, Crockett Dumas, Ruth Waltenspiel, and Joe Long as supporters of The Motion. The huge numbers of support from regular members is a clear message the majority of our Members want and expect the AERC to make a stronger statement, to show stronger leadership, on the FEI issue of equine abuse, catastrophic injuries, drug violations, cheating, and fairness."

Send your comments for or against The Motion to the AERC BOD via

  USEF will continue, FEI will continue, but if those organizations don't hold our values, why be affiliated with them? 
If you happen to agree (or not ) let your feelings be known to your regional directors.  Change isn't always bad, and in fact sometimes change is good.  Let's keep the image of the sport clean.

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  1. Since I identify with you in our journey to break into a sport or two, I wanted to share my thoughts this week on my potential but likely futile beginning in the sport overseas: