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January 13, 2014

The Price is Right

What is the price on a great horse/rider partnership?   I find it fascinating and also appalling that some of the most talented endurance horses in the USA end up sold to some Sheik from the middle east, and rarely heard of again.  It makes me wonder if I'd have a price?  Do we all have a price?   Heck, The Spotted Wonder only has one measly ride in her ride coffer and I think she is gold-plated.  What would I do if someone waved a few thousand dollars under my nose...what if she were one of the best in the nation (I know, I know!!!) would I sell her into the black hole of the middle east for profit.  God I hope I wouldn't.  If anyone ever needed a bank account it is me...but thankfully we ride in lower mediocrity and we do not have these worries.  The mere thought of it just twists my guts up inside.  How does someone train, ride, excel with a 100 mile caliber horse, and just cash the check and move on?  Don't worry Journey, you aren't headed anywhere soon.    ~E.G.


  1. When I discovered that the horse I bought for the trail had the natural ability to be a $50,000 dressage pony, I just kept riding him on the trail--knowing I would never be able to afford a $50,000 horse--but now I had one.

  2. You're exactly right! My gut twists and my heart starts to break the moment I think about any of my boys not being with me. I have three horses and two mini-donks, all of whom I adore. I don't know how folks sell their horses. I don't judge the (in fact I'm a little bit envious), I just don't know how they do it.

  3. That brings up another point, one I keep putting off. I need to come up with a plan for their care should something happen to me. Ugh.