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January 7, 2014

As we move into 2014

The only thing which has solidified here within the Kingdom of Mare might be the galvanized water bucket.

Journey hasn't hit a lick since her endurance ride the first weekend of November.  I have gained five fluffy pounds since our hiatus set in.   Weather here has been brutal.   The weekend project involved sewing ear socks for the horses, as temperatures plummeted below zero and wind chills hit - 35.   The horses still wanted out of their stalls.  Phebes managed to rip the strap off of her blanket which required me to check on her hourly as she then managed to get the blanket askew and would be stuck, standing on it, with the wind blowing up her fanny.  You can only last outdoors without your face freezing for about 10 minutes, then you risk frostbite.  Today should be the last of the current deep freeze and normal winter temperatures in the 20-30 degree range will return.

Thinking ahead to my goals for 2014 I'm thinking I would like to add another 50 mile to Journey's completion column.  I've thought of doing some more LD's but from a financial point of view, right now it doesn't make sense.  Since I've done probably ten or more LD length training rides successfully...why pay to do what I can already do at will for nothing? (Please don't take this as an attitude against LD, it is a financial choice I only get to do a few on a good year, and this isn't a good year...)  Though I might grab a multi-day LD somewhere if I think she is ready to prepare her for the next long one.  I would like to do some more CMO's as those are inexpensive, brain challenging, and add to Journey's ability to go faster, and stand still when asked.  CMO's are just a nice social experience, and you never feel like you are in a hurry.  Sleep in each morning, start the ride at ten or eleven, ride until you feel like quitting, then eat a pitch in meal that is OUT OF THIS WORLD.   Those are still in my maybe column as well.

My hope is to help a friend begin working on his goal of an endurance ride.  He was gifted with a lovely (hot) purebred mare that is twelve.   She needs restarted and put on the trail.  If we can get her running smooth, and some miles on her, maybe he can try his first LD or 50  in the Fall of 2014.  It would make me happy to bring someone new to the sport.

My long-range goal:   10 completions at the 50 mile distance over however many years it takes us to get it done.

Short range goals:  Are mostly training and refinement issues.  I'd love to ride with a CMO team but  I can pretty much do this or that, but not this and that! 
So the plan here for 2014 is a little of this or a little of that, and whatever seems to make me happy at the moment.

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