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October 15, 2013

What's up with bucking?

On Saturday Journey was on her worst all time behavior.  We were riding in a group of five counting ourselves. Every time the pace picked up she would have a little bucking fit.  I was thinking, ulcers? tack pinching? saddle binding?  She nearly unloaded me twice, and generally I can hang with it until things get extremely out of hand.  We rode on Sunday and again today.  Cantering was fine, not a hair twisting on her knotty little head.  The only factor that was different is that we were alone.  Rating speed was good, slowing, and stopping was good.  No mare ears, and NO BUCKING.  Journey is fine for the most part with our other horses, so why all the drama?  She is also good riding with one other (let's call them a guest) horse, but things get really ratcheted up when riding in a herd.  This seems like sort of a familiar refrain, only a different horse that didn't play well with others.  Can I pick 'em or what?  Though I believe much of this stems from my horses being ridden solo almost all the time.

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  1. It may very well come from solo riding: I had the same experience with my horse. Practice practice practice, sadly, is the answer. ROUnd up more friends and play the "passing and being passed" game. A LOT.