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October 14, 2013

Booting Woes

The freakish boot caught on the pastern above the hoof and won't come off was a really bad feeling this weekend.  If you ride in Renegades I'd suggest a wire cutter always be carried in your pack for emergencies, we should probably all carry one anyway, as you never know when you might step into an old fence line or discarded wire.   Luckily we were able to walk in without any problem since we had only a half mile to go.  If we'd have been fifteen miles out that would not have been a good option.  She wasn't injured in any way from the boot malfunction, but I can see where this particular dilemma could have gone worse. At any rate she was one ticked off mare! So we've had two rear boot losses in seven days, both from the right hind.  I figure this can't be coincidence, there has to be a fit, or rider use issue involved here.  The other three were on great all day!  We took a fresh look at the Renegade website and the adjustment of the cables / tension straps.  We are going to try bringing the cables in on those back boots, to give us more velcro surface when fastening (though the toe straps, nor the pastern strap gave way in this instance).  If that doesn't do it, the shell of the boot may be to snug, creating a scenario where when the boot is really torqued it comes popping off.  I'll keep you posted.

Note:  After talking to Renegade's tech dept. we have some fix it solutions to try.  Hopefully this will remedy the performance issues we had this weekend.  Don't know why this right rear hoof seems to have a tipping point. 

In the meantime.....

The Spotted Wonder will be standing in the corner wearing this.

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