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October 17, 2013

CMO / Endurance

I thought I'd post up a little comparison between the two sports of CMO and Endurance (with a disclaimer that I am not an endurance rider as I have not attempted the 50 mile distance yet).  But looking at the sports they have some interesting similarities and differences.  So I thought I'd write about how each appeals to me.  Keep in mind I've only ever completed the 30 mile distance in Limited Distance.

Both sports have some common threads.  You get to camp, ride your horse, and engage in a timed event.  The similarity of sport pretty well unravels after that.  CMO is a great stand alone sport of its own, and though you are doing the "same thing" each time, you definitely aren't doing the "same thing" each time.  Makes a lot of sense huh?  Only part of the game of CMO is the ride time, it is just as much maybe more a mind game in the form of scavenger hunt / where's Waldo.  The mental aspect of the sport appeals to me, as well as the fact that I can pace my horse how I see fit vs. a minimum required pace for hours and hours.

But then...the sport of Endurance as I understand it is a whole other challenge, pushing the limits of time, horse, person, to another level. Riding the fine line between excellence and the breaking point.   Endurance is more physically challenging for horse and rider with a much steeper learning curve.

 I like both sports I guess for different reasons.  If I want to relax, have fun, and challenge my brain, while riding my horse CMO is the pick of choice.  I've found the friendliness of the CMO sport refreshing. If I want to push my personal boundaries, then Endurance will be the goal.

  Both sports involve some travel expense.  CMO's are much more affordable in terms of entry fees.  Endurance has an on site veterinarian.  The two are apples and oranges.  At the end of the day, I suppose finding the thing that fits a person best and keeps the horse happy is all that matters.

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