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October 18, 2013

Depletion Ride

We got another 25 mile ride under our belts today.  We did it over an extremely hilly course.  You were up or you were down, less than 30% was flat.  Journey hung tough for the first 20 mile loop.  We had a break, then went back out for another 5 and sped things up a bit.  We made it in with seconds to spare if there had been a clock.  I can only hope that she is condtioned enough to  complete.  It will all depend on if she gets to ride with a buddy.  Otherwise I think that mentally she will throw in the towel.  Her pulse down was about five minutes.  It always is.  She drank well, literally tanking up at the creek stops, nibbled on grass, was mostly well behaved except for an impressive spook that left skid marks on the blacktop road from her boots.  She held her pee all day.  Would not pee until I turned her out.  Not good.  She is in the barn stuffing her face I hope.

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