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August 31, 2013

The sized up Vipers came today.

So did a torrential downpour, wind, lightening, and the hottest day of the year at 94 degrees and humid.  We rode early this morning, humidity was at 98%.  When the Spotted Wonder's respiration would get up we'd back off and walk.  Used a cold sprayer when we got back to get her pulse down, took about eight minutes even though I stripped her down and stood her in the shade.  We were running bare hooves today, walking the road portions, and trotting the rest.  I had given her five full days off after the twenty mile weekend.  She had plenty of zippity doo dah this morning. Don't believe I ever want to start building a base on a horse beginning in late June ever again.  I guess it has made me a little tougher in the heat though.  

I recovered the bench cushion today and made a matching throw cushion, and a wreath with another Journey effigy attached.  Purchased three baskets for keeping stuff.  Attempted to find a towel hook and a plastic paper towel holder and had no look here in booney-ville.  Likewise for a machine washable throw rug for the floor.  I'll just have to keep looking.  May have to resort to the dreaded Wal-Mart.

The Vipers look like they may just work.  Slightly more narrow than her 0's we are running on the front.  I'll let this rain get out of our hair before I try fitting them.  Don't want to muddy them up if we need further tweaking.  I do think I like the larger heel captivator, it just looks more comfy and protective.  We'll see ☺  Plan on a park ride about Monday.  If they seem to fit, we will try them out then.  Everyone have a fun and safe holiday weekend. ~ E.G.

P.S.  Put them on TSW trotted her in hand, no klunking!  I will boot all four tomorrow and ride.  I have to say they look like they conform perfectly  to her hoof angle and the captivators are looking perfect as well.  Think this is going to work.   I do have an issue with the straps being to long, wrote Renegade to see if drawing the cables tighter will resolve this.

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