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August 31, 2013

Trailer Trash Part 2

(Insert stomping, cussing, and general aggravation).  I've been working on three pieces.  The dresser, which is finished except for some planing needed to get the drawers operating smoothly, the bench, and an upright cabinet
Which I sanded, varnished and promptly decided I did not like.  So I sanded it again, and sprayed it black too, then started spray a clear coat on it, which the black paint magnified the heat and then bubbled my varnish so I am not happy with the finish, it just looks kind of spotty and splotchy.  Hoping I don't have to sand again.   I also had some little wooden things I sprayed black, only to have two cans of defective paint and the finish feels like it has sand in it which means....yay!  More sanding.  Again.  I think I was born into this life to learn patience, at least the empirical evidence leans strongly towards the argument.  It boils down to I have one piece almost done, and two half done, and two more more work than I bargained for and maybe more work than they are worth.  But I do have a nice long week off and if I can get one thing done a day, and spend a day gutting the horse trailer,  I can likely at least have improved camping digs, if not professionally installed.  It's camping either way so I'm not going to sweat it too much.

When the three main pieces are done I'll post up pictures.  I'll also do a photo after the install.             ~E.G.

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