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September 1, 2013

The bench is finally done

The seat lifts up and allows storage underneath.  Figure I can get about eight clean hoof boots in there.  Baskets will slide underneath for more storage for vet wrap, bandages and such..  The horse wreath will go on the side of the cabinet once it is installed. The throw pillow will go on my bunk for head propping.  I'm thinking about spray painting my mounting block which is royal blue / gray and using it for steps up to the nose where my bunk is going.  They make paint now that will adhere to plastics.  The trailer inside is a medium gray.   Found a couple of small rugs today, one is gray and the other black.  Varnish is drying now on the bigger cabinet.  Just have to get those drawers working , and get things sort of anchored down in the trailer so that they will stay put!  The floor is wood, so I'm thinking pieces of 2 X 4 screwed to the floor, and then screwed to the cabinet, dresser legs should keep things stable enough to ride....maybe.  The biggest job now will be taking all that crap out of there, and deciding what is necessary, what spare somethings need to be on hand at a ride, and stowing the rest for posterity in the shed or the barn until I actually do need it. 

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