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August 12, 2013

Trial two of the Renegades

I have to admit that I indeed do like the quality of Journey's movement in the Renegade boots.  As yet, we can only work with the fronts and leave the backs bare, which slows down our training ride.  But she did step her trot up to 10 mph for a few straight stretches tonight, and no stumbling on her short hill climbs.  Her downhills were the best I've ever had them.  No rushing headlong down the hill.  Some of this could be experience as she gets more practice doing these kinds of things, but her animated free moving trot I simply can't argue with, nor the easy process of slapping these babies on, and taking them off.  As muddy as they were they sloshed clean enough to go again in a five gallon bucket of water.  We did trot on grass quite a bit, and since it was straightline work we did not encounter any problems.  Journey remembers where she fell though and will break down to a walk there EVERY TIME.

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  1. Why not use the Gloves on the rears and the Rens up front?? You CAN mix and match brands! :) A friend prefers this combo for her close-traveling behind horse.