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August 12, 2013

The Spotted Wonder & Saddle Sores & Stuff

I  am walking and sitting well at this point, yay!  Suggestions included:

Going Commando (leaving your under pants at home).  If I would blow a seam....the trauma!  My under wear was the guilty culprit.

Monkey Butt powder, Body Glide, etc.  These I find an easy possibilities and will put into use next ride.

My ride coach called today to discuss toughening up the Spotted Wonder.  The topic of a long / steep hill came up AGAIN.  I know I need it just can not get access to the most convenient. But I shall not whine. Well...I will try not to, how would that be?

We are still on track.  Our weekly steady eddie ride is 8-9 miles, and LSD at 15 miles with a goal of 20,  so almost  there.  We are very weak on hills...enough to blow us out of the water.  I am open to suggestion how to use a short hill to best advantage to get heart rate up and keep it up.

To work I go.

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