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August 10, 2013

How do I prevent saddle sores on me?  I think it was because I quickly sweated through my clothes which started chafing by 5 miles in.  When the shower hit it you could have heard me hollering in the next county!

I ride with a sheepskin cover, same old tights,same horse.

Thougts? Cures?


  1. I get sores and heat rash really badly any time I sweat (so all the time) so I feel your pain. I've experimented with sheepskin saddle covers and tights and several products and I feel mostly confident in two things. One, my saddle cover prevents the open sores I'd get on the top of my calf where the stirrup leather would pinch above my half chap. Two, Glide/Butt Butt'r/Monkey Butt are the holy trio. I glide up my knees, and freely powder everything from the knees up. The butter I've played with and liked but haven't figured out if it will be permanently part of the deal. Funder swears by it though. Hopefully this helps a little.

  2. No cotton if you're wearing any. Synthetic sports fabrics work best. I find a sheepskin is worse for me than a smooth leather saddle, which allows things to slide instead of grip. I really like the Monistat Anti-Chafing Powder Gel. Goes on as a gel, dries like a smooth powder. Seems to have good staying power.

  3. No cotton fabrics if you're using them now. Synthetic sports fabrics are best. I find that a sheepskin is worse for me. Smooth leather saddle allows things to slide instead of grip and rub. I really like the Monistat Anti-Chafing Powder Gel. Goes on as a gel and dries as a powder. Has good staying power.