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August 10, 2013

We are back at it

The weather forecast this morning was supposed to be hot, but low humidity.  Instead after I got home found we had this:

Humidity 83%  Dangerously humid, but we went out trusting the weather man to know what he was talking about.

We pushed our continous LSD out to 15.84 today.   Journey was solid and strong up until about 10.9 miles, then it was a little like squeezing paste out of the tube to keep any kind of pace.  I hoped for just a 4 mph average over those last miles and we did it barely.    Today wasn't a speed kind of day.  So the first 10.9 took 1:54, and the last 4.8 took 1:11.  So 5.8/ 4.1, not sure that would come out 5 mph overall or not, but I think it would be close.  I'm just not fixating on riding fast as we stretch distance, just keep a trot, slow or extended as best we can.

Journey pulsed right down to 51.  What worked?  Dismounting and leading her into camp, dropping her bit, loosening her girth, and LEAVING HER BE FOR A MINUTE.  Boom!  Pulse down.  She gets really fussy the more you mess with her.  Give her a few, then start sponging / spraying, seems to work best.

We mapped the E trail which turned out to be nothing more than a cut through across S trail.  We also mapped the rest of S.  So I can now upgrade my versailles state park map to be a complete map ☺

A lot of horses in day parking today.  I stopped and talked with a few people, told them about the upcoming CMO at the park.  One woman was very interested, and another was interested but had a conflict for that weekend.  I'll just keep doing my best to spread the word. 

Now I really need a shower. 

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