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August 4, 2013

Follow up on 14 miles Renegades

I met my friend Marti at the nearest (for me) state park and she brought her 3 year old that is just under saddle for some slow trail work.  We agreed to a lot of walking and intermittent trotting to keep her greenie calm, and for me to test ride the Renegade hoof boots for the first time.

 Front view

Side view

Journey and Derby immediately started having some deep mental psychic conversation.

Hey!  Journey!  What's the deal in the place?

Eye-roll...kid, if you only knew what you were in for you'd have never stepped out of the trailer.

Journey!  Incoming!

I'm telling ya is the time to act L-A-M-E

Journey!  This is getting kind of kinky!  What is this mad woman doing?

I can not watch this.  It's gonna be a long day....I'd better eat hay.

Just stick with me kid, we'll make it, I'm relatively sure, well...sort of.


As for the renegade hoof boots, we had them on the front only (thank you Nicole, you are the bomb, truly).
We finally got the cable thing sorted out, tightened down, and the captivators looking level, and the strap adjustments just so.   It was a definite learning curve.  If I were comparing boots, I'd say Renegades on the front end take a little more thoughtful research for the first application, but on the other hand they were easier to size for me than the gloves.  I went through two fit kits before I got a close fit on the Glove.  Once the fitting adjustments were made to the Renegade boot, the next step was putting them on.  EASY once I learned not to torque down so hard on the toe strap, ripping the cable out not once, but twice.  I'm a slow learner...but eventually, I have a light bulb moment and I'm good.  But really, the boots go on so darned EASY.   What impressed me more is the "what if the boot does come off on trail during competition, can I get the boot back on easily?"  My Renegades I'd have to say yes.  It would be a muddy mess of course, but just a simple matter to open them up and slap on that one, or a spare.  No twisting, grunting, rubber mallet or emergency rock.  I see this as a major bonus.   Granted, today we walked about 70%, and trotted about 30%, slogged through the heavy clay mud at slow speed.  The real test will be slogging through mud at 6 or 7 mph.  Our first test ride though was completely satisfactory.  The Renegades are just plastered in thick gooey clay mud.  No rubs at all, and she was stepping out at a nice trot in them no issues.  I was hesitent to canter in them just yet.  I'd like to be sure she breaks over nicely on a long lunge line first, then we'll rock their world at speed and see what happens.

The next question in my mind is will she be able to handle Renegades on her hinds?  She interferes badly at the canter in her Gloves because she swings the hind so close to the other hind.  Barefoot she rarely nicks herself, but booted she has really whacked some holes in herself.  The Renegade appears to have a bit more bulk than the glove so I am unsure we can pull it off.  She will need a narrower one as well.  If the fronts pass the speed test, I will start looking into getting a spare front, and then try some hinds.   If not, I have to get on some 0.5 gloves as time is short, and Journey has changed sizes all of a sudden.

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