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August 5, 2013

Journey:  "I seriously doubt the certitude of this current adventure."

We've put in a couple of good weeks conditioning-wise.  Journey had enough go yesterday when I asked for it, but she wasn't exactly feeling the love for it if you know what I mean.  She seemed like her little battery could do with a recharge.  Though doing so does not fit with my training schedule, which we've been plugging right along on...other than some light exercise (the dreaded lunging on a long line wearing the Renegades to check out her balance and gait at the canter on both leads before I risk life, limb, and horse due to our fall) she's going to get the next four days off, to rest.  The trip fall is still weighing on my mind.  It could be a fluke, or it could be she just isn't revved up enough for a warm/humid ten and half mile run yet.  Then she really blew herself out just walking up a long steep hill on the Y trail yesterday.   I'm missing my easy access to hills...but for now, I'd rather err on the side of caution, let any lingering whatever-it-is heal up, let her eat, put back a couple pounds, and just be a horse.  We'll saddle up on Friday and pick up where we left off.  Surely four days won't make or break the program.  I expect I may have to give her a  break a couple of times before Fall weather sets in.    I'm sure we need to focus a day a week on hills.  I was hoping to put it off just a while longer.

On the rider end of things I'm having hydration issues.  I drink a bottle about every five or six miles, and I add human electrolyte in low doses to bottles.  My hands look so skin tented today I'm sure I'd be pulled if I were a horse.  At some point in this process the fluid just starts running through me (nice way of saying I HAVE TO PEE) and it is like I don't gain any ground.  Sweat/drink/pee, sweat, drink, pee, etc..Might have to break out the dill pickles so I can retain some fluid?  Or dose my drink with a bit more e-lyte?  I avoid the sports drinks as the high sugar content makes me feel sick after a bottle of it.

I found out half-way through our ride yesterday that the Spotted Wonder can be ridden bitless.  We broke a bit hanger at some point, and I had been riding with the bit flopping somewhere south of her chin.  Who knew?

Journey:  "I knew, but I wasn't giving anything up as long as she makes me where this stupid hat."

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