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August 4, 2013

A Middle of the Night Epiphany

I had a hard time going to sleep last night.  Many things on my mind, and brain synapses firing like the energizer bunny.    It occurred to me rather randomly that in all the hundreds and hundreds of miles on the boots we've never encountered toe wear.  All of a sudden, she is wearing a hole in the toe.  AT THE BREAKOVER POINT.  Which leads me to the next thought, she isn't fitting the O's well enough to break over cleanly.  Which leads me to another that why she stumbled.  Are the boots creating the equivalent of a "long toe" because she isn't seating well in the boot.  After some measurement, she is indeed to wide for the O which means the boot goes on, but the toe likely isn't making it all the way to home plate.  Tried on an 0.5 and fit was much better, but I was shocked her size had gone up, rather than down?  Which leads to another thought, does her toe need rolled more aggressively?       Probably, I need a prescription for Ambian.   We test drive those Renegades in a couple hours.  Either way, I'm encountering a serious boot shortage and will have to either purchase more 0.5's in the Glove, or more Renegades. 

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