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July 26, 2013


 I thought she said everything was coming up roses? favorite day of the week.  I will make an excursion for blackberries this morning and get some hiking in at the same time.  After LSEGH gets home this evening it is hill reps for Journey.  I'll hook the HRM to her and see where our starting point needs to be.  On the training agenda I only have two of those, but I expect we will get more reps than that.  Unforunately the longest grade I can find is only .20 mile and not all that steep, so repeat repeat repeat I guess.  We are promised a lower humidity weekend, so maybe the rider will make it.  Journey has been doing great for the most part.

My week was interesting.  We had a power back up to our computer network go bad at work on Wednesday and the office was filled with nasty ammonia/sulfur odor.  The unit was under my desk, and I ended up with a sore throat from breathing it.  Yesterday I had to have blood drawn for possible lead exposure.  I've been hacking for a couple of days, but I think it is just the irritation to my throat.   Hopefully they will air out the building today to get whatever might be contaminated air clear out of there.  One would think that would have been done on Wednesday?

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