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January 18, 2013

INTROSPECTION: Proof of Heaven

My mind has been rather "out there" lately, or should I say "in there."  My reading has centered upon ideas of consciousness, life, death, planes of existence, what matters, what does not.

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I've come to the conclusion that what matters is-well...MOST OF IT.   Currently I am reading Proof of Heaven, by Eben Alexander, M.D.  He is a neurosurgeon who contracted bacterial meningitis spontaneously (which is darned near impossible), went into coma for a week, cerebral cortex activity ceased, chance of recovery was down to nil, doctors had given up hope, only he miraculously survives.  But that isn't the interesting part.  What is so fascinating is what he experienced while in his near death state.  It's been a great read, and if you believe as I do that our human experience is not all there is you will thoroughly enjoy this book.

It is fascinating to think about who we are.  Who we REALLY are.  Are we this body, this person?  Or are we a soul, a passenger in a body?  Are we only here to experience? Are we here to learn?  Are there planes of existence? Or are we just here?   Questions upon questions.

Another interesting topic that I've been reading about is lucid dreaming.  I've been experimenting with lucid dreaming and had one exciting experience in which the goal was to recognize my hands in a dream, then to be aware that I was dreaming.  I was able to do that the first attempt and unable to repeat it since.  Last night's experiment was to control the content of my dream.  Telling myself that I would dream a dream of my father (deceased).  I was able to do that.      The mind is fascinating.      No I'm not smoking anything ☺  Sometimes if you seek an intelligent conversation you just end up having it with yourself. 

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