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January 15, 2013

We are still on the fence

Or should I say the horse is still "in" the fence.  I find myself still on hiatus even though I'm supposed to be logging some miles.  What can I say?

Aside from that planning still continues for a CMO in the Fall of 2013 and details related to that will be posted on the sister blog North East South & West Indiana CMO.  We are making progress.

I expect the next time I throw a leg over Journey to have a great rebellion.  Let's not even think about Phebes, though she did surprise me last time.

My lovely half chaps are lined with leopard spots.  They totally velcro, and look forward to trying out their wash-ability.  I've been creating cloth covered wooden beads and put together a couple eye popping necklaces, and have one more waiting to be strung.   

I draw cartoons in my spare time (all those little appy pictures I post up here and there), and have been working extra hours since the holidays to cover vacations at work. 

Now, off I go to network some more CMO.


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