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November 21, 2012

Turn Back the Clock

Sometimes I want to turn back the clock.  Turn it to I dunno...1958 or something.  Turn it back to a time when families sat down to dinner together every night. A time when the weekend was a time of rest, and married people didn't work different shifts.  A time when Mom could work, but didn't "have" to work.  A time when children were reared, not farmed out in herds to day care.  A time when soda and milk bottles were recycled, and plastic didn't litter the roadways.  A time when FAST FOOD meant a peanut butter and jelly sandwich which is "illegal" in some schools now.  A time when a ten-year-old in braids could get on her little bike and ride all day without becoming one of the missing.  A time when  Christ was in Christmas, and nativity scenes did not encounter legal blockades.   A time when every face you see is not pressed against an electronic device (including this one).  Morals barely now exist.  Manners don't prevail.  Children are out of control. Young parents out of touch.  Give me a place where you sit down and have a conversation without eyes straying to a text, or a call has to be picked up.  Why did you bother to visit?  We can't complete a thought without interruption, let alone a conversation.  Driving is a death proposition.  I'm nearly mowed down at least twice a week by someone playing with a telephone when they should be driving.  Computers dominate the work environment, until they don't function properly...then our paperless world just shuts down and service is interrupted because the computer system has malfunctioned. 

Don't get me wrong.  There has been progress in the past fifty odd years.  I'm for it.  But we have become so progressive as to have become downright stupid.   It seems like the voice of common sense is as dead as the dinosaur!

I'm ready to turn back the clock.  Rewind.  Live a sustainable life.  Connect with people, the land, our animals.  Really I am.  I'd like to have a long and uninterrupted visit with my children.   I'm convinced the only way to reconnect is to disconnect.   Rant over.  ~ E.G.


  1. This is why I love camping with my family and our horses. We get "unplugged" 2-3 times a month. My 10 year old loves it. I truly grateful for that!

  2. Hear, hear! Well said! Like you, I don't understand why electronic connections supersede the personal. The one exception I enjoy is this one - blogging! And getting to know some great horse people through their blogs. Thanks, Jacke! I always enjoy reading yours! Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!