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November 23, 2012

Hoping all...

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  LSEGH and I opted for a stay at home this year.  The girls all had places to go and we had a quiet (though sumptuous) feast at home.  It was very low-stress and wonderful actually.  We have decided that we enjoy a non-traditional meal of browned pork chops over stuffing vs. turkey.  It was really good ☺

The weather here was warm in the high sixties, sun shining, a little breezy, and I grabbed Journey out of the field and did some more round pen work with her.  She had herself a rearing hissy fit but we worked through it.  Journey has a fiery little temper when she thinks things aren't going her way.  She especially resents a flip of the rope on her rump when she dives in too closely on the turns.  I can see we need a lot of time working on this and getting a calm overall behavior on the ground in the round pen.  We finished up though with a soft quiet walk, and her being more attentive of my space, thinking more about me in there vs. her herd mates out there.

I'm troubled though by her gallop.  There is something just not quite right about Journey's gallop.  It doesn't feel right, and from the ground it doesn't look right.  When she brings her hind legs in she brings them in almost together and it looks like a hop it is not right!  But she doesn't look lame either.  Hard to explain.   So we have to figure that out....~ E.G.

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