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November 23, 2012

Where we reach remediation

Bitter shift in weather today.  I guess Thanksgiving was the last great day of FALL.  Today the wind was blustery and the temps took a nose dive towards freeze your fingers stiff cold.  Most of the day was a wait for the winds to settle down some, and then grab Journey for some work in the round pen.  Our last lesson stuck.  She trotted without rushing, changed direction when I asked, and stopped when prompted.  She did not have happy mare ears, but she was attentive and compliant.  Then we did some jumping on the lunge-line which she usually enjoys, but seemed cranky about with the icy wind blowing right up her doo-dah...who can blame her.  The horses were all so glad to line up and go indoors this evening.  We put them in early to get them shelter from the wind.

 I created a pin-map today.  Entered a bunch of ride locations to see where the best cluster is when I combined UMECRA and NACMO rides that interest me.  Looks like I need to move north.  Now why on earth would I go that direction when it is COLDER there?   If we were living there I could concentrate on NACMO rides for conditioning, and still grab an LD or a CTR now and then .   The cluster was so good that I do believe I'd have a ride almost every weekend if I'd want to.  With NACMO that would be affordable.

 LSEGH has homemade flat bread in the oven, and I'm heading that direction ☺

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