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November 19, 2012

Little Miracles/ Pork Chop part 2

Phebes (the pork chop) was saddled up again last night.  Bitted with the Myler which is heavier and has more feel.  Initially worked briefly from the ground, I then mounted up, checked the steering and the brakes, and set out at a walk in the now enlarged round pen.  Things checked out well until I asked for the trot, whereby she set upon having flattened ears, and a cranky sour attitude.  We will go back to the ground, and pick up the pace there to establish a better work ethic.  As it is my habit to ride with some rein contact, I may go back to bitless and see if that is the issue or if she is just cranky in general.  The little miracle is that I've had decent footing in the round pen with which to work.  It is just packed clay soil, so weather has to be optimal in order to work above a walk.  It was shirt-sleeve weather here yesterday.  Very nice indeed.  I know that winter will come...but you can't make me like it.   ~E.G.

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