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November 18, 2012

Killing Lincoln: A book review

This week I've been reading Killing Lincoln by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard.   It is a best-seller available at Amazon or other places books are sold.

I have always been a fan of Abraham Lincoln the person.  He was a fascinating and brilliant human being.  So I picked up this book with trepidation, worried that my mental image of him would somehow be tarnished.  Not so.  Though I found this book a little harder to follow than Killing Kennedy by the same authors( due to the multitude of characters I'd never heard of involved in the conspiracy to assassinate the president) the narrative did keep me engaged and wanting to pick it up each and every spare moment that I could.  The story unfolds beginning just before the end of the Civil War and takes you up to the killing of Lincoln, and the capture and execution of the involved parties.  It leaves you to speculate if the conspiracy is actually larger than it appears on the surface.  It impresses you with Lincoln's love for his wife, his children, his country, and his belief that all humans are created equal. If you enjoy history (and we all should) it is a very good read.  ~ E.G.

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