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November 18, 2012

The Kingdom of Mare

There have been no earth-shattering  moments here in The Kingdom of Mare.  Days slip into nights, bellies are filled with sweet green hay by day, and warm mashes at night.  No miles of trail as deer season is upon us, and I know some of those people out there hefting loaded weaponry. Eeeeeeeeek!  So when I mess with the horses has been quiet work.  So quiet that if the neighbor drives by I'm sure he's wondering why I'm just standing there in the middle of the round pen doing what appears to be nothing.  The answer is nothing...well, almost.  Journey is working on moving off pressure.  A jiggle of the rope, a push of the hand, and even a pushing of the air.  The idea being that she is more attentive of my personal space, and moves when I ask her. We did complete circles and backups without any physical cues yesterday.   We are also working on bowing that is very pretty indeed, but she sees entirely NO NEED to do unless treats are involved.  Phebes has been spending some round pen time as well and her goal is just "no drama."   Quiet work without kicking, squealing, bucking or farting.   Other than the windy day last week she has been very quiet and compliant.  Big Cree stands outside the round pen and supervises (he is LSEGH's department).

Happily, all is well in the Kingdom of Mare.

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