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November 17, 2012

I Cannot Imagine A Life Without Dogs

Growing up I didn't know a whole lot about dogs.  In those days dogs were chained, or penned, ate table scraps, and Purina Dog Chow.  Looking back on those childhood days and the life of the dogs back then I'd say sadly their life was one of confinement, loneliness, and isolation.  Those thoughts bring my sadness.  As there was little wrong with the dogs, and much wrong with the humans who claimed to own them.

Segue many many years.  I've been a Mom four times, married, divorced, remarried lots of water under the bridge (hell, let's tell it straight a raging flood has gone under, over, and around the bridge). I marry LSEGH and at some point decide that a dog would be good.  But this man of mine has a different way of keeping dogs, a dog should live in the house, be a companion, and a friend, not a possession, a treasure.  Was he ever right ☺  The first new member of the family was Spink (short for sphincter).
Spink was a cross between a chihauhau and something.  His people had put him up for sale as a last ditch effort to find the terrible 12 week old terrier a home. They said they were  having him put to sleep if a home wasn't found.   He was a funny little thing with floppy ears, a pink nose, and a terrible attitude.  So of course I being the ridiculously stupid sap that I am I fretted and worried over the little mutt until I came home from work to find that LSEGH had brought him home.  He promptly tried to bite me.  We worked that out Spink and I, and he was the best little friend.  He attacked two full grown German Shepherds that came after me one dark night in my back yard, and he chased them off!  Spink lived to be only nine years old.

Next was Paddy.  Beautiful brindle boxer and Spink's best friend.  Paddy was my guardian and when he fell sick I borrowed from my small little retirement to try and save him.  I loved Paddy and something seriously broke inside me when he died.  Paddy was the first furkid that I lost and he died the awful death of Lymphoma.  He taught me a new philosophy about what love should be.  I'd have given my car, my farm, my almost anything to have kept him always.  Gone at six years of age.

Then along came Spoody.  This pup was active and hyper his eyes jiggled in his head as he zooooooooomed around the house at hyper sonic speed.  Spoody lived to be eleven and the time went way too fast.  His special thing was being a "nurse dog."  If you were sick, hurt, or sad he had your back.  Likewise if you wanted a rousing game he was ready for that too!    I dreamed of Spoody last night and he was wanting to go after a duck, I had my hand on him and he was trembling he wanted that duck SO BAD.  But he chose me instead.  I miss my long nosed alligator dog.

And then Molly.
Yes...isn't she lovely?  LSEGH found her running in traffic, lured her in with a sausage biscuit.  He came home and said close your eyes!  I have something!  Here comes this great galloping gu-lumping tick infested ,heartworm positive, unspayed,  tumor covered mess of a girl.

Molly two-toes Brown.  I had a group of online friends that fed-exed a check to get her heartworm treatment.  I cried that day.  Good people with kind hearts caring about this silly old girl.  I don't know how old Molly was.  We had her about six years and finally the tumors more or less did her in.  If I could describe Molly it was grateful.  She always waited at the door for "permission" to come in.  She waited at the bed for "permission" to come on up, and her eyes were so happy when we always said yes.

All that is left in our household today is Maggie May.  Another foundling.  A dog so fearful that still I cannot reach down to pet her without her hunkering and trembling.
Maggie is almost blind, nearly deaf, missing some teeth and creeps about like the old woman she  is.  When Maggie is gone, the house will be too empty.

I cannot imagine a life without dogs.  I can foresee a day that I no longer have horses.  But never, please never, a life without dogs ♥



  1. I love this entry. What a great and lucky bunch of dogs. So many wonderful stories. *hugs*

  2. My Sweetpea (recently passed away) was one of those grateful types like your Molly... patient and generous of heart. I hope a new addition shows up soon - sounds like a great place to land.

  3. I can't imagine a life without dogs either! Great post. Love the pictures.

  4. I completely understand. I had lost all 5 of mine in the last 3 years. The last was my oh so perfect collie in September. It has been very hard remembering how to live with one a dog. I finally was found by a cattle dog a little over a week ago. It has been wonderful having a dog again.

    I agree I will never want to be without a dog again.