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November 6, 2012


On Sunday I had worked on some desensitizing exercises with a focus on the things that make Phebes get her nose in a twist, flatten her ears, and act generally nasty mare-ish.  Wiggling the breast collar, hand back and forth under her flanks, wiggling the saddle side to side, rubbing under her belly.  A lot of things, yes?  I was sitting at my desk at work yesterday and a little light popped on over my head.  All those things have one thing in common.  Moving her fur back and forth repetitively over her skin.

Then taking that thought a little further, that is what makes her such a "light" horse to ride.  So easy to move off the leg, so light in the bridle.  So perceptive of touch.

Another step, the same common factor that makes shots so unpleasant for her.  Makes grooming less than enjoyable.   Makes petting unpleasant.


The mare is hypersensitive.  Not sensitive.  HYPERSENSITIVE.  Her nerves as they say are on the outside of her skin.  Not literally maybe....but almost.        My imagination in these eight years had never made that quantum mental leap.

This horse "mom" has some research to do.

~ E.G.

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