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November 6, 2012

Day 3 with the Pork Chop

Better known as Phebes (so darned F-A-T).   More ground work.  In the round pen she is this ameniable wonderful and beautiful creature.  Take her out of the round pen and ask the same thing she is a head twirling stink eyed rolly-poly brat!  But we're working on that.  Today we worked on lunging a half counter-clockwise circle, and a half clockwise  circle with the go portion between me and the line fence.  Kind of a squeeze game.  The Phebes doesn't like squeezed, so we squeezed more! The more she has a fit, the more we do whatever.  As soon as her ears look pretty and she moves relaxed, we quit.  The rules are pretty simple.  Stupid is work, soft and easy is -- well--EASY!  I was rather satisfied that she actually broke a sweat today, but can't say she was ever breathing hard.  Phebes unfit has more stamina than the Speckled Wonder who was huffing somewhat when we finished today.  I had her jumping obstacles.  Ground work is fun and like most horse activities kind of meditative.  Good session!

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  1. I have discovered that the more fat my horses are, the more 'grouchy' they become. When I put them on a strict regimen diet, their temperaments improve. Go figure!
    Bionic Cowgirl