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November 7, 2012


Not the nervous kind, rather the analytical kind.  Yesterday I worked the ponies from the ground.  It is important that I not only have regular activity with my equines, but that I be thoughtful of the process so that it is worthwhile and meaningful.   So that which follows are my take-aways.

Phebes:  Her trust in my leadership does not extend beyond the confines of the safe environment of the round pen.       Action:   I guess my bid for leadership needs to hit the road.  Working her outside the round pen, graduating to outside the fence, outside the yard, inside the horse trailer, and down the trail.  In that order. 

Journey:  Though Journey's opinion of my leadership is not quite so in your face as Phebes', she does indeed have an opinion to offer.  Journey is happy to comply with low-energy activities, but as the demands go up (ie trotting or cantering) she seems to get a rush of adrenaline or something and her brain starts checking out.    Journey could use some sacking out activity too.    She is also a bungie horse, wanting to be in my space, so that is where I will start...some rope wiggling (or other cues) to keep her out of my bubble.  Desensitizing with whatever junk I can roll, drag, or carry into the round pen.

As expected though, Journey is much more willing to accept my role as a leader especially when it becomes "work."      Phebes on the other hand is willing to accept my role as leader until it becomes work.  What a challenging dynamic to spend the winter playing with!

Horses, always give us something to do, and a reason to get out of the house.  ~ E.G.

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