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November 5, 2012

Day 2 Building Trust & Confidence

Phebes and I did something a little different this evening.   I put her into a rope halter with a line attached, and we went for a hike in the woods (both on foot).  Again, this girl has been in the fence for eighteen months.  I figured she'd really blow at some point.  She was indeed a little "looky" and high-headed.  But was respectful of my personal space for the most part and was primarily focused on gobbling cold weather grass.  The line between respect and trust with Phebes is very fine.  Push too hard and you lose her, not enough and she will try to dominate.  Her one and only melt-down was during lunging in a big open field.  Going the clockwise direction she took a bucking, striking, half rearing fit.  I waited it out...and sent her back around.  It was almost as if she were asking "are we going to have a battle"?   In the past the answer would have been yes.  It was the wrong answer.   I've made up my mind that I can't take it personal.  She's the horse, I'm the human.  It isn't about making her do something.  It is about finding the way to communicate what I want.  If I cannot do that, Phebes hasn't failed.  I have.   We have nothing but time, Phebes and I.  Perhaps I can gain that elusive trust.  ~ E.G.

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