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July 28, 2012

Newbie's Corner: Time/Speed Table

This is a simple calculation of how fast you are going based on how long (time) it takes for you to cover a mile.  The first column is minutes the second column = your mph.

12 minute mile =5mph
11 minute mile =5.5 mph
10 minute mile =6 mph
9 minute mile =6.5 mph
8 minute mile = 7.5 mph
7 minute mile = 8.5 mph
Any faster?  You are a newbie!  Slow down!!! *LOL*

Seriously though, these kind of numbers can help you think out what you need to do time-wise if your horse is too fast or too slow.  What you need is a portion of trail that you know is one mile,slap on a watch,  put your horse into it's pace for the full mile, Then check your watch for how many minutes it took to cover the mile. This will give you a baseline of how your horse travels (time/speed).  Write it down.  Every few weeks return to that same spot and test it again.  It just kind of indicates if you are getting your horse where you want him to be as far as controlling pace.  It is a good little test of your training/conditioning.  GPS is easier, but definitely not necessary.

Note:  We are currently trying to get the 10 minute mile....last run was 11 minute mile. ~ E.G.

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