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July 27, 2012

Women should take over the design of....


Case in point----worming syringes (which have set off this tirade).  If it is set to the correct poundage, it is longer than the distance from thumb plunger to the far end of where you hold it. Obviously not designed by a woman.

Lawnmower -----the seat is up as far as it will go.  So I have to sit on the edge of the seat to brake.  Sometimes that does not work out to well as evidenced by the pallet bed that I knocked to kingdom come and more or less killed the plants in the process.  Apparently it was designed for some breed of Amazon mutant with legs as long as, ummmm A MAN.

Cabinets -----why?  Why I ask you are there shelves that require a step stool to utilize?  I'm talking about the back of the second shelf! I have to climb on a chair to get out the pepper. It is ridiculous.

Hoof nippers........groan, really?  REALLY?  

Weed eaters (let's just say that the man who developed the plan for the gas powered weed eater had a true hatred of women).  Everytime he sees a woman out trying to start one of these he rolls around on the floor in hysterical laughter at the insanity, knowing full well that she's not EVER going to start it.


Feeling at least slightly, marginally, better. 


  1. Where is the "like" button? I agree 110 percent. All of my syringes are way too big for my munchkin hands. I only fill the e-lyte ones halfway because of it.

    I'm also waiting for 50-lb hay bales. I will pay for the extra string if you will just bale them small enough that an average woman can lift them into the back of the truck by herself.

    More women than men ride, yet the twist of my saddle and the angle of the rise are designed for a man's pelvis. The one's made specifically for women seem suspiciously more expensive, just like women's razors, shampoo, and clothing are more expensive than comparable items for men.

    Now you've got me on my high horse. Time to go ride out the stress on my short horse.