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July 28, 2012

Newbie's Corner: Electrolyte Recipe

This one can save you some money.  

1 lb of table salt (sodium)
22 ounces of Morton's Lite Salt (potassium) (2-11 oz. containers of it)
1 ounce of Magesium
Tums (calcium)  (I use a full container of the flavored one's from the dollar store which comes in a sort of opaque plastic bottle)

Grind up the Tums, add the other stuff, and mix extremely well.  One ounce of the stuff = a dose of electrolytes.  Mix it into a carrier such as yogurt, or applesauce, draw it up into a syringe.  After electrolyting your horse ALWAYS follow by squirting water into the mouth to avoid oral burns from the salt sitting there.  Do not electrolyte a horse that is not drinking.

When to use electrolytes?  This is what my sources say...
The night before your ride.
The morning of your ride.
Hot humid weather/ give a dose about every ten miles (or at the vet checks).

Disclaimer:  I am not a veterinarian, always check with your veterinarian (or the ride vet)  concerning the treatment of your horse. 

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  1. Fantastic information! Thank you very much. I have never used e-lytes and had NO clue where to start. We live in a very dry area (humidity wise) and moderate temps, so our horses wouldn't know how to cope - and neither would we.
    Bionic Cowgirl