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April 30, 2012

Wow! PNER has great stuff going on...

Having not been lucky enough to have found a fit with a regional distance organization...I've been floating around the web looking at the awards systems of some.  PNER  (Pacific Northwest Endurance Rides) is really nice.   They have a little bit of something for nearly everyone!  Senior riders, Jr. riders,  LD mileage, First 100, Family Awards, Mileage pinnacle awards...and the list goes on.  If you live in that area of the country and have been thinking about joining a group, give them a look!  They honestly have about everything that I was looking for in my distance riding experience.  Go PNER!


  1. Yes, they do...I am not a member but several people in my area are...

  2. It's true. We are mega spoiled. But, speaking as one of the volunteers who keeps the organization going, I can tell you that it is only thanks to the outrageous self-sacrifice of a few die-hards that the organization can continue to offer so much. There are some people on the PNER board who are way past sainthood.

  3. Tamara Baysinger has left a new comment on your post "The Results of the Poll":

    My primary beef with the breed divison idea is that so many "breeds" are massively inconsistent. The color breeds are worst, but most registries are so screwed up today that to say "My horse is a registered XYZ" often provides little information about the horse's actual genetics or even type. Who cares which spotted / palomino / QH / Spanish Mustang / Thoroughbred horse can do the most miles? I'm more interested in which horse (period) can do the most miles. Also, some breed divisons, including my own, would be waaaay too easy to win simply for lack of competition. Anybody else out there doing endurance on Barbs? ...which leads us to the nasty politics of defining Barbs vs Spanish Barbs vs Spanish Mustangs vs Kigers vs... Egads. Don't wanna go there. JMHO. But I also wouldn't want you dragged behind a horse of any color. :)

    (Please note this comment belongs to T.B. for some reason blogger lost it and it ended up only in my email?) So I'm posting it up for her. Grateful she does not adhere to "dragging." :)

  4. Tamara and I have had lots of correspondence about the breed discussion, since we have "Barb" horses from the same dysfunctional breeding ranch..I am with her, I am not into riding the breed supposedly designed for the sport (obviously since I don't ride an Arab). I like to ride "outside the box" .

    Those of us that don't ride an Arab for the sport should have our own club!!