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May 4, 2012

The Results of the Poll

I took the poll for a reason.  To show that there are two kinds of rider involved in distance, and that there is a niche that isn't being sought after within the sport.  Here are some of the preliminary results from the sampling of respondents.

40.6% saw no benefit.  This rider niche is already doing endurance/distance sport and their intrinsic needs are being met.

21.9 %  Were interested in an organization that would represent their breed in the distance disciplines.

34.4%    Were interested in an organization that would allow them to accrue mileage between distance disciplines (CTR's, ACTHA, CTC's, AERC, etc.).

56.3% Were not satisfied with the status quo.   People, that is big.  It speaks to the fact that there is a very viable niche out there that would draw mileage riders and breed riders into the sport.

Ummm...about 3% wanted me dragged behind a fast horse.  1% were satisfied with my being beaten with a riding crop (ouch!).   Watch out for her, she might be riding in your region!!!

There is no American All-Breed Distance Association of course, but there is certainly room for something like it within the distance sports.   Something like it could be created in any number of ways:

Breed Divisions:  If a person could nominate their horse to a division for a fee, and then see where it takes them.  Based on the survey results 59.6% would pay up to $30 a year for the pleasure of competing within their breed.   That would be a great revenue builder that would certainly recoup the expense of year end awards.

Mileage only Divisions:   A niche for those who ride multiple disciplines and want to combine miles.  Rider pays a fee, mileage is tracked for a year.

Having surfed around looking at some of the regional clubs, there are some that are filling some of the breed niches, and others that are not.     It just seems like a market that could be tapped for growth.  I know a regional club that offered these things would be very attractive to me and though finances are tight in this economy I'd plop down my $30 for a chance to play. 

Regardless!  The poll has been insightful, and the polling process in itself would be a great way to get a feel for the likes, and dislikes of the membership and the niche market out there riding non-typical breeds.

Now on to other things...

My horse is not getting the miles she needs as the sun shines every long work day, and thunderstorms have been pounding us on my time off.  Poor speckled pony.  100% of the polling data supports this.

"No poll needed to prove my spotted cuteness."



  1. My primary beef with the breed divison idea is that so many "breeds" are massively inconsistent. The color breeds are worst, but most registries are so screwed up today that to say "My horse is a registered XYZ" often provides little information about the horse's actual genetics or even type. Who cares which spotted / palomino / QH / Spanish Mustang / Thoroughbred horse can do the most miles? I'm more interested in which horse (period) can do the most miles. Also, some breed divisons, including my own, would be waaaay too easy to win simply for lack of competition. Anybody else out there doing endurance on Barbs? ...which leads us to the nasty politics of defining Barbs vs Spanish Barbs vs Spanish Mustangs vs Kigers vs... Egads. Don't wanna go there. JMHO. But I also wouldn't want you dragged behind a horse of any color. :)