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April 30, 2012

Sitting on the Precipice

Journey and I have pushed ourselves about as far as we can go in training for the present.  Right now I'm at that unsure place of "did I do it right" and "have I done enough", or "have we not pushed hard enough for a finish."  My past experience with Phebes and all of her troubles sometimes kicks the legs out from under my confidence.  I was quite happy with Journey's performance on Friday evening.  She met our time cut-off and kept her average speed above 5 mph.  Saturday?  Miserable fail.  I'd hoped for back to back training days in hopes of getting a 10-14 rebound effect just about the time for Maumee.  Her trotting speed was plodding, and you could tell she just wasn't feeling the love.  Then a storm whipped up just about the time we ended our second hilly loop, wind kicked up, thunder started rolling, and rain drops started.  I pointed her towards the trailer, and did a speed version of untacking and she loaded up in a hurry, then the sky opened and it poured buckets of cold rain.  I was grateful we weren't in the middle of a loop when it hit, but also disgruntled that we didn't get the 10 miles in I was shooting for which would have given us a 25 mile weekend.  I also didn't want to go for three in a she is on R&R until tomorrow.  Then I have to figure out how to get the best bang out of the short time we have left.   I'll probably just focus on our .31 mile training track and do some more debugging on her canter transitions between now and then.  It is her weak link, I know it, and need to continue addressing it.


The poll has had some interesting results.  Of course there is a percentage of "drag her behind a fast horse." Also "I wouldn't be interested as I don't see the benefit."  This is the percentage of the group that has satisfaction in what they are doing.  So of the respondents so far about 30 percent like the status quo, and need no further incentive to remain in the distance sport, or continue in the distance sport.  Their intrinsic and extrinsic needs are being met.  However...there is a percentage that LOVES the idea.  They would be the target market for some kind of breed challenge.  I feel the concept is viable and possible without stirring up a whole lot of dust from the competing organizations.   It need only someone with the resources to market it, and then implement the program.        

Now, off to the coal mines.......


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